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Recent content by BLeeC

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    Exhaust installation

    The Borla is quite a bit lighter. Exactly I'm not sure but was definitely lighter.
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    Borla Exhaust Upgrade

    Borla S Type installed and love it. Not to much or to little.
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    Texas Role Call

    Austin. I am willing to make a road trip!
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    UNBROKEN’s Iconic Silver ST build

    I love mine! Good choice.
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    ST's 1 Year Birthday

    Getting upgrades to exhaust, springs, catch can, blacked out Ford/ST emblems and intercooler next week!
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    Sync Navigation Update

    What method did you use?
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    Anyone considering adding aftermarket subwoofers?

    I had my installer make a box for a 10inch tw3. It fit without any issues. I am however having it replaced for more bass with a. 13.5 tw5 that will go in the rear storage area above the tire.
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    ST - Storm Trooper Build

    I can't wait to see them installed!!!
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    ST - Storm Trooper Build

    What size tire?
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    More H&R installs

    I know what you mean on the color. I found a guy close to my house and couldn't resist. Vehicle looks fantastic. Can't wait to have mine installed next week!
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    UNBROKEN’s Iconic Silver ST build

    It looks really sporty! I love it.
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    Spoiler/Roof Wrap

    That's sharp!
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    ST Tune

    Hard core! Love it.
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    X-Pipe Upgrade Sound & Appearance

    Honestly I'm not sure as I've not seen it yet.