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    Love my 2022 ST but why are so many publication reviews trashing the Explorer?

    Funny coincidence; Ford Service sent me a questionaire/survey today about my service appointment that was related to this whole ordeal..
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    Love my 2022 ST but why are so many publication reviews trashing the Explorer?

    I don't believe there's any sensors prior to the turbo inlet that would throw codes. Everything is on the pressurized side of the inlet tract.
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    Love my 2022 ST but why are so many publication reviews trashing the Explorer?

    This will be my last Ford.. My 2021 received a new engine at 10k miles. Come to find out the dealer didn't install the drivers side turbo inlet clamp, which I noticed at 40k miles so it could have been sucking in anything and everything for 30k miles. But they didn't do anything about it...
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    Focal, Mosconi, Illusion and Helix build

    What were you seeing with the mids in the door?
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    Hate my 3" thermal exhaust

    Overspool? Is that a ricer word or something? Does it make flames shoot out? Do you know how to read a compressor map?
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    Hate my 3" thermal exhaust

    The proof is in looking at every single high performance turbocharged vehicle, and analyzing their exhaust. Velocity plays ZERO roll in performance after the turbine. Post turbine, every turbocharged vehicle is better off with open exhaust. A simple look at Formula 1 will show you that! The...
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    Hate my 3" thermal exhaust

    And again, you're wrong.
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    It just never ends...

    I hear ya.. When I had my engine replaced at 10k, they forgot to install the inlet clamp on the drivers side turbo! Of course I didn't notice it for 30k mi.. Who knows how much crap has gone through this motor now.. Doing an oil analysis and hoping to not see too much silica
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    First wash with Chemical Bros Products

    I've had great luck with Jax Wax products. They're pretty much all I use, except I do use Adam's glass cleaner, and glass sealant.
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    Newbie winter tire & wheel combination question

    I have a set of take off 20"s and Blizzak DMV2's that did pretty well last year.
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    Anyone else find the GPS worthless?

    The NAV was nice a couple weeks ago when I was in South Dakota with little to no cell phone coverage. Usually step #1 for me is plug my android in and googlemaps my destination, but without cell service that doesn't work too well!