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So what's the consensus on floor lines..

Houston, TX, USA
After a ton of comparison I ended up with the Ford OEM ones.

-They fit perfect
-They cover 99% of what the floor consists of
-They aren't slick
-They seem to have a constant dust/dirt film to them

I just cleaned mine yesterday, but they have that same issue as you see in the trim on the car, if you rub it with a shoe it leaves that mark that you'll never get off without coating it with Armor-All or worse.
Which then defeats the non-slick feeling for a shiny look.

EDIT: If you look up at THWOPKING's pics you'll see that dirt mark issue I bring up on his as well where even though they were just recently cleaned as soon as even a clean shoe touches them, boom, brown marks.
Bunker Hill, WV, USA
I totally agree with you...I threw them on after work and those marks were just after walking through the shop. Even the wife asked why I got them dirty already lol. If I get tired of these I may look at some of these others people have motioned that I either never heard of or forgot about. I wont be getting the WeatherTechs.