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Recent content by PNW.STexplorer

  1. PNW.STexplorer

    White tri-coat with black C-Pillar Wrap only

    I just traded my blue '20 for a star white '21, and have an appointment to have the roof and c pillar wrapped glossy black, and then a ceramic coat on the car. Lots of examples of this on google image. I'll update my profile pic once it's done lol. Personally, some colors like red or spruce look...
  2. PNW.STexplorer

    What is one or two things Ford should/need to change on the 2021 ST?

    Not much change for the St. it seems. Main thing I saw seems to be roof rails are now optional? I’ll admit I’m happy it doesn’t have sync 4, just cause I’d be kickin myself for not waiting. Sucks for anyone who bought a ‘20 platinum though, if they paid for upgraded wheels since those will be...
  3. PNW.STexplorer

    Who new the exhaust tips on the Explorer ST were fake?

    Watch it on a still cold morning. Exhaust does seem to dissipate under and around the sides before it rises up. But I’ll concede that could’ve been an unintended consequence of Ford downfiring them.
  4. PNW.STexplorer

    Who new the exhaust tips on the Explorer ST were fake?

    Ford says it’s to keep them clean, but since the same design is used for the Intercepter I bet it has more to do with stopping exhaust from entering an open lift gate (Common complaint from police). But if they said that, then they’d be admitting it was a problem on the ‘19s and earlier.
  5. PNW.STexplorer

    ST owner locations

    Issaquah here. Bought mine just before the shut down. Looking forward to taking her on some of them fun twisty roads around the passes.
  6. PNW.STexplorer

    It's Home!

    LOL ours has the same name! Dora the Explorah’er
  7. PNW.STexplorer

    What did you pay for your ST

    Picked mine up about 4 weeks ago, 2 days before my state issued stay at home order. Paid $48k after dealer discount and other rebates. She came with street pack, upgraded audio and the tablet screen, and the sunroof. Regular blue color and 2.9% finance through ford. They also gave me 22k for a...