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Recent content by Drfatnutz44

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    Tinted ST pictures

    20’s over the backs too=5% back
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    Real world mpg

    I’ve been getting about 13-16mpg (dash readout) in normal mode. Is this about right?
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    FenFab Charge Tube

    I basically installed and mounted the BoV (SSQ), hooked up vacuum and all good, don’t know about the tial springs, I kept the BoV as it came from the box
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    Fenfab charge pipe w/ SSQ BOV

    If you baby even normal driving you don’t have any noise at all. Building boost its loud but MPG’s go way down
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    Fenfab charge pipe w/ SSQ BOV

    Just Installed. sounds perfect, just what I was looking for. Easy install and took about 30 mins
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    FenFab Charge Tube

    Mine is shipped and getting here on Saturday but with the ssq hks
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    FS Factory Floor Mats (Chicago)

    stock floor mats (mint) 40$ plus buyer pays shipping Chicago local pickup free Jfoconnor13@gmail.com
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    Official Curbing Thread

    This thread is awesome and my wife is now warned that this page exists and hopefully do not have to post on here
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    Never mind. Winter is here.
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    FS Factory Floor Mats (Chicago)

    Best offer takes them. Took them out about two weeks ago, stepped on for about 2 days then got my weathertechs Chicago local pickup
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    Battery Saver Mode and Door Pad Entry

    Question….just got my ST, how do I find out the factory door keypad code?
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    Massage seats?

    Awesome, thanks for the replies, sounds like more of a problem to have them anyways
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    Massage seats?

    I just picked up my 2022 explorer ST and when I press settings there is no “seats” option….is there a chance the software needs to be updated? And if so where and how can I find the update and how to download and Install it?