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  • Yeah, I like the guys there.
    They installed my springs and exhaust.
    Great work and great pricing.
    Im going there tomorrow for them to put in the rear sway bar.
    I'm going to ask them to install the afe intake as well.
    I just don't have the patience for some of this stuff.
    Who does your work for you?
    I have been using Speed Inc. in Schaumburg but they really don't specialize in the ecoboost motors.
    I used Speed for my CTS-V. I did blow the motor at Road America so there is that lol. Tom took good care of me I always felt. Not much in the ecoboost around. I use Adam at ZFG for the tune and I do all my work myself. Always have but I'm getting too old for it sometimes. I to have a nice two post lift at my office in Wood Dale. All my car work is there. Makes it a lot easier for sure.
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