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Recent content by BigJ1982

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    3rd Best Power Modification

    Where are you at in Detroit? There are quite a few of us on here in Metro D. Also, you might get more responses on the FB groups, if you're on FB.
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    FS Borla Type-S for Sale (New in Box)

    Hey, that sold the next day. Sorry I never updated. Selling my brothers used one now, in Troy, MI
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    Thermal Exhaust Installation

    Something is going on, three of us with either both tips missing or one missing (in my case, the passenger side). I assumed it fell out because the box was damaged so sweet by UPS, but now wonder if something else is going on. I have yet to receive info on a replacement as well.
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    FS Borla Type-S for Sale (New in Box)

    Have a brand new (in box and packaging) Borla Type-S with polished tips for sale. Decided to go a different direction, $1100 + split shipping, you won't find it cheaper! Venmo or PayPal ready.
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    New Wheels

    Nice! Just gotta get that thing lowered a bit. I just had the Hot Rod Shop in Troy put my Steeda Springs on. It's sitting right, now. At least for my taste and MI roads.
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    SPD Performance Downpipes

    Have three worm clamps on each one torques as spec'd. Worked for about 3 days, lol.
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    SPD Performance Downpipes

    I should have clarified, I'm referring to my stock flex pipes rattle like a box of metal shavings. Not my exhaust setup. I love my FenFab DPs and Borla S-Type!
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    SPD Performance Downpipes

    Mine have gotten so loud, it's embarrassing. I'm either going to scrap the borla and stock mids and get thermal or go to a shop and get new flex pipes welded in.
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    The Thermal R&D cat back exhaust PREMIER!

    Anyone have clips with downpipes installed as well?
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    FenFabrication Downpipes For Sale

    I think SPD uses 400 cell if I remember right. Either one is substantially less restrictive than stock.
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    FS Lethal Performance Gift Card ($140) - FS for $120

    Wife entered me into the Lethal Performance Xmas giveaway (you got entries for every $10 in gift cards purchased), I don't need the cards as the few parts I want still are not available there. Have the email code ready to go. It's $140 gift card. Selling for $120. First one to venmo or PayPal...
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    The Thermal R&D cat back exhaust PREMIER!

    Dammmnnn....that wheel setup! What do ya' got on there?
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    Pure700 Turbo Install!

    Nice!! Looking forward to seeing some numbers! What kind of wheels do you have? I've been thinking about going to 20's if I do aftermarket wheels. Lighter weight and a little more sidewall for these MI roads.
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    FenFab vs SPD