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Lock button on power hatch can lock you out or the kids in ??


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FYI - I discovered a situation / sequence involving the lock button on the power hatch that could be troublesome. I pulled into the garage to unload the weekly groceries from the rear hatch area, get the thick cut Cowboy Ribeyes in the fridge and go right back out for other errands. I turned the ST off, left the key fob in the cockpit area in the ST, hit the power hatch button on the dash, hatch opened up, I unloaded the last groceries and went to hit the power hatch close button on the hatch and accidentally hit the lock button next to it on the hatch at the same time.The passenger doors all locked, the hatch went halfway down, beeped twice and went back up. OK, the hatch beeped twice and went back up because the doors were all locked and the key fob was in the car, this is what the ST is supposed to do, all good. Here's the issue - I hit the lock button again on the hatch next to the hatch open close button and the car doors would not unlock, they would only lock ? Thus, there was no way I could unlock the doors as the key fob was in the ST, locked in behind the doors. My only option was to crawl in from the hatch area, retrieve the key fob and unlock the doors from the key fob. The other options would have been to use FordPass or the Secure code on the door pillars, however I didn't know the code, it was still in with the new car manuals in the glovebox and my phone was locked in the car. I deliberately than repeated the sequence and it repeated itself, locking the key fob in the car unable to unlock the doors ? This is troubling to me, what if someone had kids in car seats locked in... You should not have to crawl in from the trunk/hatch area to unlock your doors in any situation ? I have since put the secure code door pillar code in the cargo area and showed the wife what to do in case this happens to her. I scoured the owners manual and could not find anything on the function of the lock button on the rear hatch...
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