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Recent content by Cdubya

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    Downpipe Question about Exhaust Fumes

    Unfortunately it requires redoing the install. If you have a newer vehicle, maybe the gaskets can be reused but I think it's always best to buy new gaskets. The other thing to consider is what is the rest of the catback? Do you have the POS OE midpipes? Those flex sections could fail like it...
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    Brakes squealing on brand new 2022

    Is yours during braking only or do you get squeeling sometimes even when not braking? I once had a small stone trapped between the heat shield and the rotor that was making squeeling noises. I manually pushed back on the heatshield and the stone fell out to my amazement.
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    ZFG map revisions for new modifications

    Did you even read this thead? 3 weeks is a bit much to be waiting for a response.
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    Newly designed phone mount/draggy holder

    That cover on the back of the NAV is a great idea. No one can see back there and it is definitely a more solid mounting point compared to the Pro.Fit VSM mount that I have. Sounds like a product you could market to the community if you can manage to get the cost down.
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    Rattling noise coming from underneath new Explorer ST!

    My flex sections didn't just rattle, they eventually failed--not surprising if they are rattling around all the time! The "improved" OE flex sections look exactly the same. I didn't want to waste my time so just bought and installed the Lethal Performance midpipes. Fits a stock system and...
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    Lethal Spring

    My Steeda: 17 1/4" front, 18" rear (installed 2+ years ago now)
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    who has some tune comparison insight?

    There's quite a few people that have more than one tune. Plenty have gone to ZFG after another tuner and only report excellent results. Just an observation.
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    What Have You Done To Your Explorer ST Today

    Kind of interesting that after 2 years, my Steeda's are lower than that. Measure about 31 3/4" in front and 32 3/4" in back (to the wheel arch)
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    Explorer top selling three row SUV

    In my area, in demand vehicles still command "premiums" over MSRP. To me, these are everyday vehicles... I'm just glad I'm not in the market for a new car.
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    Explorer top selling three row SUV

    Hyundai/Kia might easily outsell the Explorer IF they could actually make enough to meet demand. Telluride and Palisade still command prices well above MSRP. Another exciting entrant though is the Mazda CX90. More details should emerge in the next few weeks...
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    whoosh motorsports Catted Downpipes IN STOCK !

    Seems like most people are reporting 5 hrs.
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    Oil Life Monitor

    That's really unusual. The oil life for me is around 10k miles no matter how I'm driving it seems.
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    Calling all parents (child seat questions)

    I think if you will be using the 3rd row on occasion and need 3 child seats at some point, the Explorer is not for you. It is great for 2 kids with 3rd row access (captain's chairs). Once you add that 3rd child (pretty much forced to choose the bench), then access to the 3rd row becomes a pain...
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    WTB Driver side tail light

    Be careful! The ST has tinted sides on the tail lights. That picture looks like it's from another trim. Personally, I think $500 is about right considering the LED is built in.
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    Ford Performance Tune

    Does the FP tune show gear always (ie. not manual shift mode) like other tuners not named Livernois.