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Water/Meth Injection?

Kelowna, BC, Canada
With the lack of intercooler capacity with these vehicles, does anyone know of anyone out there running just a straight water shot or possibly a 70/30 shot on one of these?
It could also be helpful for those of us living in places where the wonderful detonation suppression of E85 isn't readily available.

I run it on my mustang and on an 1/8th mile run, my IAT's would creep up to around 130 F at the end of the run. With a 70/30 water meth shot, it typically creeps to 110F and then falls back to 106 with the nozzle that I am currently using without throwing the fueling too much on the rich side. I have my IAT sensor relocated on the mustang so it sees the actual temperature in the intake manifold. I already have a fair bit of timing in it so my main goal for the system is to keep the IAT's to the point that the tune doesn't pull timing.

Where is the IAT sensor located on these vehicles? Can these vehicles be set up to see the intake air temperature drop from a water injection system?
Looking for alternatives to swapping intercoolers down the line.
Marinette, WI, USA
It will help a lot, of course you will have the typical meth injectors risks, like running out and un even distribution etc, if you are running it you already know the risk. Just buy a decent kit.

There is 2 temp sensors, iat which is pre turbo, and manifold charge temp which is built into the map sensor (it's a t-map). MCTs are horrible on these things, so adding meth will help out a ton.

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