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P07E4 & P0456 Codes and Parking Pawl Solenoid


U.S. Army Veteran
2020 Ford Explorer ST
'20 ST hit 95K miles and recently had a new issue pop up.

-Since ownership on a few separate occasions I would find that while cruising at highway speeds I would attempt to pass another and begin to accelerate. All of the sudden it would seem as if there was a loss of connection between drivetrain and engine and only the engine would rev with no response from the drivetrain. Also the shift fault alert would pop up and a sudden rapid rattling sound from the rear would last for a few seconds before the drivetrain would engage again and utilizing the gas pedal would work again.

-The other day while driving I went to put the car in park and shut off the engine. Once taking my foot of the break the vehicle would roll either way without resistance requiring a foot on the brake or the parking brake. Thankfully this only seems to be currently affecting the vehicle in park. This started to occur every time I put the vehicle in park.

-On Monday I brought the vehicle to my local Aamco. They had done a transmission service for me 2 weeks prior where during the process they had cracked the tranny oil cooler and had to replace it on the spot. No big deal and I was back on the road a few hours later. Vehicle shifted sooo much better after that service. I was worried our new issue was related to the transmission service so I wanted Aamco to check it out first to see if it was. We had codes P07E4 pop up for the park shift failure and the P0456 code for emissions. I've been bad lately about topping off my gas tank so I apologize ahead of time to the "inter webs automotive experts," and ask for their forgiveness for my oversight. I'm sure I caused the P0456.

While waiting at Aamco I found the below video on YT referencing the exact issue and I'm pretty sure what he mentions in reference to the Parking Pawl Solenoid is the same issue my vehicle is having. Aamco and myself are unable to find the part number for the Parking Pawl Solenoid but they say it's right under the tranny pan. I also found the same issue affecting someone else on a Mustang Mach-E forum. They had to push TSB 23-2021 as well as the solenoid replacement to fix it. Does anybody know of a part number or how to get a Parking Pawl Solenoid? Can anyone give me an idea on what this may cost to fix? I have an appointment at my local Ford dealer to address in 2 weeks. Thank you.