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Recent content by roz0

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    ST Tune

    I just reprogrammed the car with it, i am not using it for any other purposes.
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    ST Tune

    Once you get the device and read your vehicle, it will have all that info for them. You are getting ngauge right? X4 doesn’t work for most of our computer builds I believe.
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    ST Tune

    699. JDM quoted me 800 a couple of weeks ago.
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    ST Tune

    JDM is actually 5 minutes from my home, but they were only claiming a gain of 30hp and that just wasn’t aggressive enough imo for an untapped 400hp vehicle. And they were more $$$. As for converting back to stock, it’s all the same process, upload the stock file via the easily accessible obd port.
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    ST Tune

    All you have to do is plug a hand held device into the obd port, click a button and email a file. You can always connect the device and put the stock file back on, but from what I know it resets the count on the number of engine starts. So I have no idea what that would mean for warranty. I’m...
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    ST Tune

    Welp, installed 5star 93 performance tune this morning.... Certainly feels like I'm driving a high performance vehicle now. It for sure adds the HP they claim (100+). The power feels so much more accessible at just about all times, the wheels actually spin sometimes now as well. The shifting is...
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    What did your Ford Explorer ST replace?

    love the crackle of the exhaust, wish the ST had something similar :/ its a huge difference, but pleasantly surprised by the ST's handling so far.
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    What competitors did you consider before purchasing Explorer ST?

    Velar p250, xc90 t5 and wrangler sport s altitude LOL I wanted the ST from the start, but the programs were awful in November, glad they came around bc this was my first choice...didnt even tune it yet and none of those compare, in any aspect.