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Recent content by Polo08816

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    First long distance towing

    You sure that’s not a typo and you meant 13mpg? I think it would be a struggle to get 23mpg in stop and go traffic in DC without a car trailer + car…
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    2025 ST Deliveries?

    Withholding 2025s in order to sell 2023s and 2024s won't work unless Ford want to take the L on 2025 sales. Ford just has to decide how they want to take the L. I'll take a 2023 Explorer ST for about $25-40k off MSRP though.
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    How much would you pay for a new 2023 ST?

    With 2025s right around the corner, a 2023 is basically a used car and should be priced accordingly.
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    PIU struts/shocks

    I would imagine this would be accessories installed after the fact. Of course the PIU having a higher GVWR (and payload capacity) is Ford engineering anticipating that the PIU would need to carry additional gear than a retail Explorer. But not all PIUs are outfitted with a lot of gear. A...
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    PIU struts/shocks

    Level III+ rated body armor should be soft panels so they won’t weigh a lot. Maybe 10-15 lbs per door at most? I can’t see most police departments outfitting most of their PIUs with Level IV armor.
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    PIU struts/shocks

    The primary purpose of this is more protection for a rear impact I would presume.
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    25 or 24/23?

    I think the infotainment system and the dash are going to be a significant upgrades. My thought process is that since I usually keep vehicles for a long time (8+ years), waiting for a refresh allows me to have tech that will be one generation newer which is usually good for 3-4 years. That's a...
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    PIU struts/shocks

    I think the issue is that we don't know, for sure, which spring part number goes with which PIU variant at this point. Some people may correctly claim that the ST spring part numbers match ONE of the PIU variants, but I don't think anyone can say with certainty which PIU variant. And there are...
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    PIU struts/shocks

    I want to revisit this while referencing some of the things I suggested in Post #90. What you are saying may be true, but I'm curious if the ST uses the same/similar springs as the 3.3L DI V6 PIU variant which, coincidentally, has the lowest GVWR and highest ground clearance of all the PIU...
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    PIU struts/shocks

    Unlikely. In fact, given the same/unchanged spring rate, additional structural reinforcement would increase the curb weight of the vehicle and, therefore, decrease payload. It will probably make the vehicle handle better as the chassis would deflect less under dynamic load. Structural changes...
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    PIU struts/shocks

    Why would the GVWR be different between the PIU and ST then? What's the weight difference between the 3.0L EB PIU and ST?
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    PIU struts/shocks

    Do you have a link to the post where someone measured a brand new PIU with no accessories installed versus a ST? I'm not convinced it's weight related. But before we start, let's agree on some assumptions. Because the PIU shocks are more dampened, we can assume that the PIU springs have...
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    PIU struts/shocks

    I think they are different. The ride heights between an ST and PIU are very different.
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    PIU struts/shocks

    I asked earlier in the thread because I was curious as well.
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    Expected discount off of 2023s?

    Has Ford ended manufacturer support for the 2023 Explorers?