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Recent content by Mick

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    Speedometer display

    Nope all that does is activate lane centering..
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    Speedometer display

    Hi.. I had to take my 22 ST to the dealer because of rattiling which they fixed but when I picked it up the dash icon for set speed on the cruise wouldn’t go away so I couldn’t reset the display to center the speedometer it was on the left side of the screen, what the tech is telling me is that...
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    What is missing on the 2022 ST from factory

    I had a 2020 and just got a 2022 and there is no digital display for temp on the console just on the touch screen… kinda cheap I thought
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    Peeling leather on driver seat

    I had a 2020 ST that split the seam on the drivers side, just got a 2022 so we’ll keep an eye on that