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Recent content by Greywolf

  1. Greywolf

    Timberline Skid plate

    After being canceled from Ford after a 4 month wait I re-ordered from CSP racing on March 7. They keep pushing it off. I was just told this week that it’s expected mid June. Of what year I don’t know.
  2. Greywolf

    SOLD - 2022 Ford Explorer, ST tire rim, and TPS for sale

    I have a set of 2022 wheels for sale. They are the original tires rims and TPS sensors. Three tires have approximately 11,000 miles and the fourth tire has approximately 2000 miles. Three rims are in perfect condition. The fourth room has a small nick, which was caused by me when I was wheeling...
  3. Greywolf

    FS SOLD - 2022 Explorer Rims/Tires/TPS's for sale

    For sale a set of wheels tires and original Ford TPS's. Stock size 275/45-21's Kept stored in my garage for the last 2 months so obviously very dusty. I wiped them down as best as I could to take pictures. 3 tires have 11,100 miles and the 4th has about 1800 miles due to a flat tire that I...
  4. Greywolf

    Red door letters

    For someone who has absolutely no patience at all how hard are the UPR letters to put on?
  5. Greywolf

    Recommended 18” all black Wheel

    Join the timberline forum. I know a few folks had them for sale. I was going to pull the trigger, but the shipping was out of the question.
  6. Greywolf

    Timberline Skid plate

    What type of a discount code and exactly? Where did you order it from? Thanks.
  7. Greywolf

    Timberline Skid plate

    Where from?
  8. Greywolf

    Reputable curb rash repair shop in Queens New York

    Looking for a wheel shop to repair a 2 inch scratch on my OEM 21 inch rims in the queens New York area. Was storing my tires and rims away, and had them sitting upright, so I can roll them into the back storage area. One decided to fall over on a lug wrench that I had sitting on the floor. Of...
  9. Greywolf

    Why do I want to sell my 22 ST 21”OEM wheels, and tires

    Thanks, but actually, I went with 18” rims because in all honesty, I hate the low profile 21s Many more available tire options in the 18 inch and a hell of a lot less curb rash. I went with the falkan wildpeaks. Since that’s the look, I’m after. They are rated at 116 mph and doubt I will ever...
  10. Greywolf

    Why do I want to sell my 22 ST 21”OEM wheels, and tires

    I’ll post here as soon as I’ ve decided that I’m going to sell them.
  11. Greywolf

    Why do I want to sell my 22 ST 21”OEM wheels, and tires

    I guess you didn’t read the last line of my post
  12. Greywolf

    Why do I want to sell my 22 ST 21”OEM wheels, and tires

    Right and that’s the exact reason I want to sell them. Only have 11,000 miles on them. Was just thinking of a reason that in a year or two I’d regret selling them.