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Recent content by ghostfranklin

  1. ghostfranklin

    2022 Ford Explorer Platinum ST

    Didn't mean to hijack either, all for a new thread
  2. ghostfranklin

    All things Hellcat (and other platforms) vs The Explorer

    Yea, I think I've got the ZL1 1LE. Advanced trac would have only affected my launch gear slightly maybe 10-15% power reduction nothing crazy. There's not much left for me to do except turbos and I'm not sure I wan't to go that far, especially if it means running an ~E50/E60 blend (I prefer the...
  3. ghostfranklin

    All things Hellcat (and other platforms) vs The Explorer

    Traction was fine, no marks laid down but I did forget to turn off Advanced Trac too. Need to data log for Adam running a little rich and there's a little more power he wanted to put in anyway after the trans broke it. Haven't found any (trackhawks/trx) willing to run. Got a run against a 2022...
  4. ghostfranklin

    2022 Ford Explorer Platinum ST

    22 Dodge Charger Hellcat Widebody with air intake and muffler delete. My mods are in my sig - E85 ZFG, full exhaust, intake, HPFP + injectors, etc
  5. ghostfranklin

    2022 Ford Explorer Platinum ST

    beat a hellcat from a 40 roll, was close he started catching me top end. Only mods he had was intake and muffler delete
  6. ghostfranklin

    Rear end damage

    bet they said i could get reimbursed for parts and labor
  7. ghostfranklin

    SLD TurboSmart Blow Off Valve Kompact Shortie EM Series Plumb Back VR13

    Ordered this BOV just to upgrade the stock given the tune, found out Ford deleted the BOV in the 22 Explorer ST. Never used, new in box. Free shipping $206 OBO.
  8. ghostfranklin

    Rear end damage

    @C4talyst I've replaced the rear sub without encountering a failure. I knew the proposed mods would almost guarantee a failure (e85 + supporting bolt ons) and I didn't want to wait on Ford to make it right. RareFab did the installation and I have peace of mind so I'm good.
  9. ghostfranklin

    The ULTIMATE Dyno / V-Dyno Thread

    @DetroitST car threw a couple codes and RareFab had me bring it back just to make sure everything was ok and run a full diagnostic. The trans was slipping because ford sent me the truck 2.5 qts low on trans fluid, when I initially brought it they had to add a qt of oil too. So now all go and...
  10. ghostfranklin

    Newly installed Steeda springs and exhaust.

    @CLAYMAN its on the softest setting, no rub
  11. ghostfranklin

    10r80 swap

    @DetroitST group buy starts with 3 ppl all trans must be sent in at the same time and they shave off 10% of the $5,998.00 price, trans would be rated for 1000hp. If we get 10 ppl they knock off 15% each order. I called and spoke with Karen.