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Recent content by CareerFiremanGuy

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    trust dealer to install roof rails?

    Our ST's are nearly identical, and the roof rack definitely adds a hunkered down style to those that don't have the Street Pack.
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    trust dealer to install roof rails?

    Couldn't agree with you more. Just as the Stree Pack gives a more aggressive look (which I don't have), so does the roof rack do the same (which I do have).
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    Dragy 10Hz, RaceBox 10Hz or RaceBox Mini 25Hz?

    I was thinking about getting a performance meter, I'm leaning towards the $299 RaceBox 10Hz because (unlike the Dragy) it's a stand alone unit: But RaceBox just released their $199 RaceBox Mini, which utilizes an industry first 25Hz update rate (but it's not a stand alone unit):
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    Reg auto mods VS sport mode

    I guess that's why the ST starts at just $49,260! The Durango SRT 392 has it standard, but that'll cost you another $20,000 and 15 mpg.[eek]
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    QUESTION: Who is using/has used a 3 bolt at the drag strip?

    The reason why no one is talking about doing soemthing like that is because the number of reported bolt shears is statistically rare. As of 4 months ago when FORD released a statement on the issue, the number of warranty claims they received were 235 out of 252,936 vehicles effected. So the...
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    Wow, that is one great color. And I see you have the lighter 20" go fast wheels too!
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    Welcome to the Explorer ST Forum, please post an introduction

    Your first FORD? The ST is my fourteenth! Glad to have you here.(y)
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    Critter pics

    Maybe we need to do a poll: "Cats, Dogs, Both, Other" ;)
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    Post your Dragy times.

    Exactly as I thought. ST's running the 20's are a tenth faster than those with the 21's. It's like free hp!
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    Critter pics

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    Critter pics

    That's because there's no liberals among pets. heh heh
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    Critter pics

    Sad, but true. Luckily, as long as they're loved, pets don't know about the mental state of their owners.
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    Car Porn ! Awesome Pictures !

    It looks like that one has the larger wheels ST Street Pack. Lol
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    Question - ordering a ‘23 Timberline (m)…

    Performance tunes have always been model/year specific. Unless they have one specifically for the Timberline, I'd say no. If you haven't seen it yet, here's two tests from MT and CD of the '22 Explorer Timberline...
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    Critter pics

    Pets are the best! They give so much, and ask for so little. [biggrin]