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I know you will enjoy the Ashville area. The wife and I did. We went down a day earlier to do some sight seeing. We saw five different waterfalls around Ashville. You will also enjoy the Biltmore tour.
Did you install the Magnaflow 19515 yet? I did (haven't received the downpipes yet) and there is a huge drone at 2000 rpm. I mean inside a UPS truck drone. The other guy who supplied the videos said he has it too. I decided I was going to drive the vehicle in manual mode (M on center dial) to keep the rpms out of the 2000 range. You can drive in 8th on the highway and keep the rpms up enough not to hit the drone zone
Not ideal magnaflow even say no drone. Thanks for the heads up. No my install isn’t till last week of February.
Any difference after a little bit of “break in”? Plan on keeping the exhaust and see what the down pipes do?
Hi. Awesome looking ST - congrats. In your Jan 14 post, you wrote "OTD". I've seen others use this term differently. Was that your price after tax and dealer/transaction fees? Thank you!
Yes final price out the door. All fees and taxes included
I understand completely. I, too was rather on a mission. We should get together sometime to swap lies and untruths! I am able to adjust to almost any time, so let me know when you want to meet again.
So have you had any issues related to the Bora spacers? What torque did you use on the nuts and did you use any red loctite on the vehicle studs? Would appreciate more photos showing the complete stance coming and going (ie front /back centered showing the empty space between the inside edges of the tires and more photos segments changing from full front/back to full side shots. ;)
It was unexpected, running into you this afternoon. I've more or less stopped looking for other ST's on the road, there are so few of us. We were running late for an appointment or I would have suggested we pull over and talk. Maybe one of these days we can get together for a cup of coffee or something and swap lies about fast cars.
What does the exhaust cost? I'd love it, if it came in under $1500... But, I'm not holding my breath, that thing looks sexy af...

If you don't mind, can you email me, cause I don't always get notifications from here, and the ones that do come, are in my spam folder, even though I clicked, "not spam" about a 1000 times. lol

New ST owner from NYC.
I would like to know how to stop the hands free operation of lift gate on Ford explorer
Something like duct tape over a sensor
I don’t like getting klunked on head
Very nice! Welcome!
Hi Trabuek,

Can you send me the name of the Ford Dealer that you took your ST to? I have the same problem. I want my service manager to reach out to them to get the background and look to see if Ford has come up with a solution.
2020 Ford Explorer ST Rapid Red