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Hi, Did you pickup the thermal exhaust? If so, are you happy with it?
I did, but it hasn't shipped yet. ETA is any day now.
Looking for 1 2021 for explorer st black gloss rear rim in excellent condition.
Just saw your post before I saw this. It's a great piece and there is zero drone with just a slight increase in sound. For those of us not wanting to be obnoxious, it is perfect. If I didn't live in a condo, I might have just done their axle-back and left the resonator in place, but I didn't want to piss off my neighbors. If you get it, you'll definitely be happy, especially leaving the stock tips in place.
Name is C G Clark, live in N. Middle TN, wife and I are seniors. Hobbies are fishing, boating and travel.
Love my 2020 Ford Explorer ST. Traded my prime 2019 F150 Crew Cab 5.5 ft. bed pickup on it. Is Metallic Blue
Had 12,600 on it and new in and outside. Only problem is MPG gauge stuck. Any ideas? Looking forward to meeting
more ST owners and their experiences.
Hello. Are the floormats still available? Where outside Chicago are you?
Hello @jrgoffin. I see that you installed the MRT h-pipe on your ST and I was hoping you could help me make my decision on ordering one. Do you happen to have any sound clips? the clip on their site doesn't really give a good example of high RPMs. Also do you have any drone?
Is there any way to find out where I am on the list for tunes? Thanks
New ST owner and I am having some issues already. The tailgate opens intermittently when I am not behind the vehicle. Yesterday my wife and I had the two back doors open while we were getting some things out of the vehicle, and the tailgate opened on its own four times. Please help me understand what is going on?
Hello -
My Red 2020 ST just got loaded on an auto transport this evening …. Bought in Ohio and shipping to Bay Area, California ….. can’t wait to get it and make it my own. Already bought black Ford & Black ST decals … any ideas to make the Red ST even more sexy let me know.
Look forward to “ST” Get togethers in the future !
Road Trip ….
exhaust still available ?
Im interested in the tunner.
what tunes are loaded in it?

and how much?

Definitely the sickest explorer I’ve ever seen !!!!!
Hey, Ron, I'd like to talk about setting my 2021 Explorer ST up with a new exhaust. - Thermal R&D. My # (904) 814-5619 My name is Coop
Hello Coop
How can I help?
Orders are placed through the website typically
Thermal kits are out of stock at the moment, ETA mid April to start shipping again. We have a bunch of orders placed waiting for the next production run. If you want to secure a spot for the next group please place your order.
Any other specific questions I'm always available by phone 6103342158

thank you
I just moved here from Texas and last week both an ST already changed to the exhaust to the Borla atak, I just realized that tuners are against the law in CA any suggestions ? im in Laguna Niguel in Orange County
Twen Twen Bass Boat Black ST
Unmolested Mod Virgin lookin to go one leg up!
Here comes 1BadRipper bruh
Hey there. Funny your from derry I'm in Windham. I think I saw u driving a few times.
I know you will enjoy the Ashville area. The wife and I did. We went down a day earlier to do some sight seeing. We saw five different waterfalls around Ashville. You will also enjoy the Biltmore tour.