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Loss of Power Steering

Newberg, OR, USA
On Monday, my wife was heading home from work and had a few warning lights come up on the dash. Below are from the Ford Pass app. When this happened, the steering became very difficult to turn. I wasn’t in the car, but the symptoms sounded similar to a loss of power steering. Wife was taken off guard, but she limped the car safely off the road.

Today the car had its dealer appointment. Tech said he can see the codes stored in the computer and thinks it’s an issue with the steering gear, but because they cannot replicate the issue, Ford won’t authorize a warranty repair. They are going to keep the car for the weekend for more testing. I’m hoping for better news come Monday, but the early news make me uneasy. This is a safety issue and needs to be resolved at the dealer without putting others in danger on the road. Anyone had this issue? 3D8F7C91-2960-4A2C-8B0D-A072ABDE6869.jpeg