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Ontario, Canada
You think you can find a way to turn off the white DRL strip during the day? I am trying to leave the turn signals on without having the white strip light.
There was another member who tried this and I don't believe has succeeded yet. Your best bet is to try and disable the white DRL strip, get the front turn signal to stay illuminated, and run a relay to act as a circuit interrupter to flash the front signal when your turn signal is activated. I think the furthest the other member has gotten is what I just mentioned, minus actually putting together a relay system for it.

Local city police Explorers in my area have their headlights configured quite differently than what I see on civilian models. The white DRL strip is off and the turn signal is illuminated at half brightness (then flashes full brightness for turn indication). I think they just have special programming on theirs that may not be available for us.

Depends on where you live. Here in Canada drl's off are not an option, by law they have to be on.
Technically no, they don't. They only need to be functional on a vehicle during the import process (if being imported in to Canada. However I don't think this is very strictly enforced.). This is the main reason why trying to get them to shut off on most vehicles is difficult or impossible. Driving a vehicle on Canadian roads with operational DRLs is not a legal requirement. Weird, I know... It's just how it is. However, it is highly recommended you run with DRLs as it is a safety feature, so the fact that 95% of the vehicles on the road here in Canada have them is a good thing.

Newer GM cars/trucks are one of those brands that doesn't allow for it at all. They don't even allow for manual control over your lighting, it's just stuck on AUTO. I'm borderline obsessed with automotive lighting, so I know all the weird shit that most people don't even think of, lol.
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San Antonio, TX, USA
I finally plugged my adaptor in today and made a few changes. I don't see an "EASY" option when I load it up, but I was able to turn off FENG. I have to admit, it is a lot more fun driving in Sport mode when you can actually hear the engine winding up as opposed to that fake noise. That said, I am looking forward to receiving my Thermal exhaust, hopefully at the end of the month. Made a few other changes too, double honk is gone, thankfully. I haven't located the turn signal count setting yet but I will eventually, I hope. Made a few lighting changes as well, which is kind of funny because I'll never see them, lol. This is my first experience with Forscan so it's been interesting. There are lots of videos on other vehicles but nothing on ExST that I can find.
Any luck finding the turn signal count setting?