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    What ST feature do you really like/hate that has made up your mind on all future vehicle purchases?

    I just hope he learned his lesson to never buy a new car site unseen again, you should go and at least look at it and test drive a vehicle before buying it
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    So what's the consensus on floor lines..

    Another vote for the oem
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    Parts Availability

    There is a worldwide shortage of all kinds of parts especially new model stock
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    Removing scratches from the black plastic

    Hit it with ceramic spray I had, it hid it a little bit still visable
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    Removing scratches from the black plastic

    Will the mothers back to black help at all?
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    Removing scratches from the black plastic

    My dog got away from me and scratched the back plastic on the bumper, is there anyway to remove it? Or am going to have to price a new piece?
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    What’s everyone use to clean the factory exhaust tips?

    Just seeing what everyone is using?
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    Ford Explorer ST Experience

    I wish they had more dates scheduled, right now they have none
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    Leaking sunroof

    Ever vehicle ive had with a sunroof has leaked, gms and Chrysler’s
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    Checked again tonight, no courses listed for either location
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    VP Racing Octanium® Unleaded

    There’s no airports, speed shops or motorcycle shops around? I mix 110 in with my 93 for my boats. I always hate adding stuff to fuel that’s already full of additives
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    VP Racing Octanium® Unleaded

    Why not just put some higher octane gas in it?
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    What to do with the slot in front of the cup holders?

    Plug my phone in and put it in upside down
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    Just logged on to the site, there are none available for either site, I emailed last week and they said they have no additional Asheville ones planned
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    Do people pull over for you?

    All the time when mine was stock, after I put different badges and wrapped the roof black, they don’t as much
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    Floor liners

    Ya, the Ford ones fit great
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    Owners manual question.

    Mine came shrink wrapped too
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    Clear Bra Partial or Full Front End

    $1500 for full fenders, hood, mirror caps, bumper, and front lights in Kansas City
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    Clear Bra Partial or Full Front End

    Went with the full front and I’m really glad I did,
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    Black lug nuts

    I got them, they are awesome