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    Removing scratches from the black plastic

    My dog got away from me and scratched the back plastic on the bumper, is there anyway to remove it? Or am going to have to price a new piece?
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    What’s everyone use to clean the factory exhaust tips?

    Just seeing what everyone is using?
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    Best Tire Cleaner

    My wheels are ceramic coated so I’m looking for something to clean the tires with, I thought about the chemical guys nonsense, but read some comments that it can brown the tires, anyone know of anything good?
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    Reverse Stop and shifted itself into park

    At work they are redoing the parking lot, so I had to some maneuvering in reverse to get a spot, it slammed to a stop and put itself in park, is there anyway to shut whatever this is off?
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    Clear Bra Partial or Full Front End

    Looking at clear bra for the front does anyone have the partial front done? Looking at 20 inches on the hood and fenders. Is the line really noticeable? Or is it better to bite the bullet and pay $500 more for the completer hood and fenders?
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    Roof trim

    After a week and half of rain I was able to clean the roof, anyone else experience this bulge in the roof trim?
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    Roof Wrap

    For those of you with the roof wrapped what did you pay? I’ve been getting quotes for $1000 and up, that seems high for just the roof
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    Newbie and First Time Ford Owner

    Never in a million years would I have thought I’d own a Ford, this is the first one I’ve ever looked at or even drove, but it is awesome. Just picked it up Tuesday. Taking dealer decal off today and ordering plugs to remove the plate bracket.