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    First long distance towing

    Lol, I was wondering about that. I get 18-19 hauling a motorcycle on a U-Haul trailer, so there was no way in hell you got that towing.
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    JXB bushing insert

    Didn't seem to be a problem in their comparison video.
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    Dragon pics

    "Didn't know the road too well" is the shittiest excuse ever, learn to drive. I can go to any road anywhere in the country and stay in my own lane. I can't count the number of times I've come around corners up there and people just like you are across in my lane. I've rolled up on so many wrecks...
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    Dragon pics

    LOL, you posted pictures of yourself and your inability to stay in your lane...
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    FP Tune or ZFG?

    You're preaching to the choir with me!
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    FP Tune or ZFG?

    Neither. Goosetuned is the answer.
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    2021 transmission issues?

    Ours had the valve body replaced about 20K miles ago and has been issue free ever since.
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    ZFG Shipping

    Uh-o, you've gone and stepped in it now. From what I've gathered here, you are never supposed to question how long something takes...
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    Rear differential leaking

    Just buy yourself a syringe and some bushing fluid and keep it topped off.
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    Thermal 2.5 or awe 3" exhaust....

    Zero drone from our 3" Thermal, don't know who told you that.
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    Exhaust Break behind muffler

    Happened to ours also, was told the exhaust system wasn't a warranty item. Thermal 3" fixed the issue.
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    Ford Performance Tune

    I'm still baffled by people that buy a performance vehicle, want to tune it and in the same breath complain about the cost of premium fuel. You should have stuck with an XLT. Seriously, you asked someone at Ford and they gave you the answer, so now you want to make sure the person from Ford was...
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    Ford Performance Tune

    He'll be here after he wakes up from passing out from reading that. He'll demand the other guy give him the phone number of his service writer and set him straight.
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    Steeda Lowering Springs Creak

    Coming up on 2 years this month on Steeda Springs, no squeaks. Steeda sway bar bushings made a lot of noise, the bar is wrapped with teflon tape now, no more noise from the bushings.
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    Blown Transmission

    Because if trash gets in the cooler lines, from your toasted trans, it will end up in your cooler. Replace your transmission and the trash gets back into the new trans. At a minimum, get your cooler and lines flushed, it was a simple procedure on my Suburban and can't see how the Explorer is any...
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    ST badge on side like Timberline

    They look like some cheap ebay junk too. Maybe order these and giant fucking ECOBOOST banner for the windshield.
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    Dealer and PremiumCare saying rattling flex pipes no longer being covered under warranty

    It won't be covered. We just went through the same thing. Had one of them replaced during the goodwill replacement period, the other one went bad a few months back. I bought a used flex pipe for the passenger side on ebay, until we decided which aftermarket exhaust we were going with. Picked up...
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    I need to reduce the DRONE

    3" Thermal, no drone and sounds much better than a Borla.
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    New badge on front fenders

    I thought this was a troll post at first. You should definitely talk to the Fireguy about the superiority of the Ford Tune.
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    2020 Explorer ST - Lots of hassle and work done at 35k miles - any success stories welcome

    We We're at 62k miles and have all of these except the AWD module problem, plus we've gone through 2 oil pans before they managed to fix the leaking. All of this between 50 and 62k miles. Had to finally replace the whole exhaust, because the passenger muffler was rotting apart on the inlet...