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    SCT X4 tuner / tune results !!

    lol theres no results, Heres basically the thread in a sentence. Dude is pissed his texts didnt get returned and how zfg is overpriced because his canned sct stuff got him what he wanted for 1/3 the price. PS. now im gonna be labeled one of the zfg boyz who cant stand other tuners because in my...
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    Replacement exhaust….that’s quiet

    I can tell you a replacement that will be quiet, but if youre like me, youd be like, ok i like the lower revs but it tends to get a little too quiet in the higher revs, maybe i should tweak it to get a hair more sound, then its something else and youve ended up spending more than what catbacks...
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    Looking for advice/opinions - Extended Warranty & Maintenance Plan

    Call a few dealerships around you, but I remember a couple years back when i was shopping for one, i came across someone in the US who was selling these extended warranties to canadians. You just need to have a US address where they can ship you the paperwork. Could possibly get a PO box near a...
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    New Paint job & Diffuser & more carbon fiber

    That gap in the rear wheel arch would bother the hell outta me
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    Used ST's

    Agreed, not saying a lot of then are dealbreakers but then, having then all would be a nice to have. I definitely want the massage seats lol. Never owned a car with one so that would be awesome. Are the massage seats part of a specific package or standard?
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    Used ST's

    Good info, so regarding the wifi, is this some sort of a monthly paid feature? Yes i did see some people mention the hands free tailgate lift, did this start from the 20 MY or was it added in 21?
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    Lethal Spring

    This is exactly what I've been asking them, put one side by side and lets see visually how different they are, if measurements are coming out to be the same, the hecks the difference lol
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    Used ST's

    Thanks for the clarification on the gas tank size, for some reason i thought they became smaller after the 20's.....Are those the only 2 package options on the ST's? There also was the high performance one with just more aggressive brakes So theres basically 3 options from what I see on the...
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    Lethal Spring

    but how different are these vs the H&Rs? Maybe someone with those can give similar measurements?
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    Used ST's

    Hi guys, so now that the ST is getting up there in age (almost 3 years old lol), more used ones are starting to come to the market. I'm not in a rush but definitely will be looking for an ST for my next car. From all the research I've done, looks like 20 model year is the one to get? Even though...
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    Black Bitch Final Upgrade

    What exhaust do you have?
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    Lethal Spring

    Are these lethals really lower than H&Rs? seems like h&rs rebranded or maybe they cut half a coil and called them lethals lol
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    Lethal Spring

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    Black Bitch Final Upgrade

    What it sound like?
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    Explorer ST Forum welcomes Lethal Performance

    Do these have some rake? I wanna still have it to some degree. Worst case, put your springs up front and H&R in the rear lol
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    UNBROKEN’s Iconic Silver ST build

    What phone mount is that?
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    So what do you all do?

    I knew it would stirke someones nerve lol. Its the internet, No ones asking you to do it, it was a suggestion to see what do jobs out there pay, IRS isn't hounding you here relax lol
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    So what do you all do?

    Mention your salaries as well guys lol. We're all pretty much anonymous here anyways. I can start, 10 years experience in IT support, making 100K
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    FV Suspension Coilovers Installed

    got more pics from different angles? Whyd you have to remove the spacers? how big were they? Would smaller spacers work?