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  1. SETXExpSTGuy

    Good clean humor and jokes

  2. SETXExpSTGuy

    Good clean humor and jokes

  3. SETXExpSTGuy

    Good clean humor and jokes

    If you know, you know...
  4. SETXExpSTGuy

    New as of Jan 6

    Welcome. Great color choice. ;)
  5. SETXExpSTGuy

    Build date

    FWIW, I ordered mine from here: https://monroneylabels.com/ . I think it was about $10.00.
  6. SETXExpSTGuy

    Good clean humor and jokes

    Sure, but has anyone seen the pope recently?
  7. SETXExpSTGuy

    Interesting Crash Comparison

    Wow! If nothing else, one thing for sure is that I am never again going to sit parked in the middle of a street, while backed into a concrete wall, and wait for a fully-loaded cement truck to plow into me at full speed!
  8. SETXExpSTGuy

    Ford Explorer ST Recall 23S23 360 Degree Camera Stop Sale

    This is part of the verbiage if you expand the recall info: Remedy Currently, Ford Motor Company does not have a permanent fix available. If you observe a blue or black screen on the rearview 360 degree camera when in reverse, Ford has authorized your dealer to update the camera systems...
  9. SETXExpSTGuy

    What’s wrong with this picture?

    It's pretty obvious that the major issue is that in the M-F, 12pm-3pm ET timeslot, you should really be listening to Dan Bongino, rather than Clay and Buck. ;)