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    'Worthwhile' bolt-ons

    As previously stated the tune(by ZFG) is a must as is the intercooler especially since you're in Texas. Run it hard or hell just get on the highway when it's 85 before and after the intercooler and you'll notice an immediate difference. In regards to the downpipes @UNBROKEN has previously...
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    305-35-22 Tires vs 315-35-22 Tires

    I have the 305-35-22 Michelins and they for and look great with h&r. Definitely nee the alignment and a good alignment shop who can push everything as close to factory spec as possible.
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    22” Wheels??

    I bought my Velgens VF9's directly from them for $600/wheel shipped and they were on my door step 3 days after I paid. It actually took quite a bit longer to get the tires in 305/35/22 because I went with Michelin's and this was a year ago when tires were generally speaking really hard to come...
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    Replacement windshield

    I didn't specify. Was prepared to push them on getting a factory replacement if the first had any issues but mostly couldn't stand the giant crack's and just wanted it replaced ASAP.
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    Replacement windshield

    About 6 months ago I had them replace mine after the windshield wiper arm slipped out of my hand slamming down and instantly sending multiple long cracks through the windshield. Cost was about $1000 total here in Texas from Safelite and I haven't had any issues since then. That said I can't...
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    22” Wheels??

    Yes it's the combo of the two. The factory wheel is quite heavy so going to a lighter wheel is what's cutting the biggest portion of the weight.
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    22” Wheels??

    Looked at both BC Forged and Vossen. Ended up going with Velgen 22x10.5 that ran $600 a wheel and then the Pilot SS ran another $650 a corner. Also correct on the weight saving's being about 15lbs a wheel/tire.
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    Who has Velgen VF9 wheels on the Explorer ST?

    I have these wheels and had the gorilla lug nuts. Had to go to a long thinner lug nut as these wouldn't work with the wheel. Not sure if the brand as they were just what discount tire had that would work.
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    Help with potential exhaust issue.

    Tried this and there is a noticeable sound difference between the two. Tried getting a picture but the phone wouldn't focus correctly with my flashlight in the exhaust tip. The driver side portion that is inside of the muffler just appears blackened while the passenger side portion looks like...
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    Help with potential exhaust issue.

    Any thoughts on a way to test which one it may be? I know you have extensive history modding vehicles and I've never dealt with anything like this. The thermal parts were purchased from Whoosh so I'll have to reach out to Ron. Just want to have as much info for him as possible.
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    Help with potential exhaust issue.

    I'll have to check this out as that solid bar on that thin heat shield would in my head at least make a similar sound as to what I've been hearing.
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    Help with potential exhaust issue.

    My current set up is Thermal 2.5 exhaust paired with Whoosh motorsports downpipes. Thermal portion was installed March of 21 and downpipes the end of Nov 22. Have driven approximately 1500 miles since the downpipe install. About 2 weeks ago I noticed what sounded like a metal on metal...
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    2021 ST Wiper Blade Replacement

    This happened to me about 2 months ago.... beyond pissed that $60 wiper blade change (went with the icons and they're great) turned in to a $1000 windshield replacement.
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    whoosh motorsports Catted Downpipes IN STOCK !

    Ron do these come with gaskets or do new ones need to be purchased. Just received my shipping notification so trying to get everything prepared for install after Thanksgiving. Thanks for getting these out to the community!
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    Best Explorer ST 2022 exhaust just bought today

    I've had the Thermal 2.5 downpipe back for over a year and a half and it still puts a smile on my face with the cold start or when getting on it with the windows down. Also no drone issues at all. Also a straight forward install I did on ramps in the driveway.
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    Water Spots on wheel

    You should try the Chemical Guys heavy duty water spot remover. That said depending on how long those spots have been there they may have etched in to the clear coat and need a more aggressive process to remove.
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    What Have You Done To Your Explorer ST Today

    Do you expect (over stock and not the current brembo set up you have) that the rotora or RB 6 or 8 pot set ups will provide substantially better stopping power in regards to overall distance? Or do you see those upgrades as more of an aesthetic, balance and fade mitigating under hard prolonged...
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    Trusted Shop in DFW

    Where in DFW? I'm sure there's lots of shops in the area who can do those two things. I installed both myself at the house and then had a good shop here in Keller do the alignment which caliber said they couldn't do.
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    93 Octane Gas and Top Tier

    Is there any appreciable difference in running an e30 blend of 93?
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    Racing Brake Upgrade Question

    @Warren-RB any information you can provide on this?