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    Extended Warranty - Yes or No

    I think for used cars it’s a good call. We bought a car for our kids from Carvana and got an EW. It paid for itself within the first year, we had a tie rod go and it was replaced $0 out of pocket, and a coolant line broke and by the time our daughter was able to get to the side of the road the...
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    Ford tune just got updated to 2023 models

    For the time being the Ford Performance tune is only CARB legal on 2020s and 2021s. 2022+ owners in CA are SOL for now. :poop:
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    Extended Warranty - Yes or No

    Also I would check to see if it has trip interruption coverage. Some VSCs will pay up to, I think, around $300 if you break down during a road trip & that would help cover the cost of a hotel/motel and food for 2-3days. Also don’t forget that those prices are negotiable. Tell them you are gonna...
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    Rear Cam Recall... or not?

    Ford recalled a recall. Ford’s taking things to the next lvl! :ROFLMAO: I received the 2nd letter saying the recall shouldn’t be done because it could cause other issues to pop up I guess. I’d have to re-read it to see what it all said. I’ve never had issues with my screen though so I dismissed...
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    MBRP Axle Back

    Haven’t heard too many complaints about the axle back. But definitely do not get the full exhaust system. It drones like crazy. I swapped out the x-pipe that it comes with, with a traditional muffler and it has taken 95% of the drone away. Eh…maybe I’m just getting too old. :D
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    Stock turbo PSI???

    Owner’s manual says max boost from the factory is 18psi.
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    2023 Corsair... the baby Aviator

    Yes, Flight Blue. My daily driving is about 18 miles total dropping off and picking up the kids from school. Also since my wife has a Tesla, we already have a 240v outlet installed in the garage. My wife also liked the bells and whistles on the Aviator. Definitely a little more comfortable than...
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    Got a call today

    Never had any issues on my 22 as well so I wasn’t planning to get it done.
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    2023 Corsair... the baby Aviator

    Nice! Do the Corsairs come with Sync 4? I forget which models got the 4. I was a little bummed the Avi’s came with the 3’s but it’s not really that big a deal.
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    2023 Corsair... the baby Aviator

    Nice which trim Avi did you get? I have a Grand Touring on order atm. Scheduled to be finished this week.
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    Active Grill Shutters

    I’ve seen others report a drop in boost after an intake, charge pipe, Intercooler install as well.
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    Explorer ST Adapt-X Tune (OEM Octane Learning and drivability)

    Sometimes it not all about numbers. Sure, the numbers would show how much of an improvement in power your vehicle gained & that you did gain something for your money, but most ppl drive these vehicles daily and a lot of project vehicles that are making gobs of power are no longer daily driving...
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    SoCal owners check-in

    MBRP with a muffler replacing the X-pipe. It droned like crazy with the X-pipe, now the drone’s like 97% gone except when under 1500 rpm’s it still does a little when cruising, but I’m usually above that rpm range. I might swap out the canister mufflers for the factory rear mufflers. So...
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    Forscan secure idle

    This is the method I used for enabling or disabling features. Around 7:50 is when he goes into the modules everything before that he just explains what forscan is and how to DL it and register. You can just skip to around 7:50.
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    Forscan secure idle

    Uh…just tested mine. I have dbl honk disabled and my son was not able to shift out of park when the keys were not in the vehicle. I did not use spreadsheets to enable or disable features though. I went in not as “As Built” and from there it’ll list the options and you just click enable or...
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    Exhaust advice

    Yup agree, the MBRP definitely drones. If you go with aftermarket mid-pipes it’s even more amplified. So I got the X-pipe that comes part of the system replaced with a muffler at a exhaust shop and now 95% of the drone is gone. If any1 is thinking about an exhaust definitely skip the MBRP.
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    Explorer ST on a road course ??

    I concur. I’ve gotten the chance to drive a GTR on a track in Las Vegas, it was SO fun. Would love to bring the ST to the same track.
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    Snow Meth KIT 210 BRD

    No problem. Good luck with the sale :)
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    Snow Meth KIT 210 BRD

    If you’re looking to sell this you should post it in the “For Sale” thread. You’ll most likely have better results.