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    High Mileage Explorer STs check in!

    2020, purchased June of 2020 with 6000 miles on her (GM's wife drove it). 2 and 1/2 years later we have 20,803 miles on her. 1 warranty item where the side of the driver's seat (plastic part) broke off. Maintenance every year whether she needs it or not. She mostly stays in the garage...

    Dr. ColorChip Advice

    I would keep doing layers of it, until you can't see the primer or metal beneath. How far/deep did the scratches go? I've had to do that before and it took me 2 days of work on it to get it back to 95% of a normal, before a scratch paint job. That was with BMW Mineral White Pearl paint...

    Paint Correction w/ CSL Ceramic Coating with EXO Top Coat

    Excellent work. That is very similar to my process. I usually add more beer. ;) Did you coat the rims yet?

    Caring for the ST, without giving much care

    When we lived in Tyson's Corner for a year (the year we bought the 2020 ST), I lived in an apartment building and parked the ST on the 7th floor of the building. It was open sided, therefore would get wind and whatever came with the wind. It was an interior "single" parking spot, so less blown...

    2022 Ford Explorer Platinum ST

    Are you keeping a cost spreadsheet? This will be the most expensive Explorer ever! :)

    What to use to clean steering wheel

    Try a damp Ivory soap bar applied with a damp microfiber towel. That is for super light cleaning. If you want to eliminate the glossy, shiny leftover oils from your hands and whatnot, then ColourLock cleaner and a leather brush will tidy that up. Follow it up with a protectant (your choice...

    So what other cars are in your stable?

    I think Atomic Orange is simply the best Corvette color ever produced. Excellent selection and congrats!!! (I'd pass on the C8...they look like a dollar store Lambo that the aero fairies puked on, but that is just me :ROFLMAO:)

    What Color is your ST?

    Atlas Blue on the Exploder.

    2020 Engine issues

    Do you or have you opened a case with a Ford representative? You personally, not the dealer. What grenaded the engine? Do you know? That might help your case. As a last resort, you could always get a lawyer involved. I don't think you've done anything incorrect, however there is much to...
  10. PHXATC

    So what other cars are in your stable?

    The others currently in the garage with the ST.
  11. PHXATC

    Real world mpg

    What kind of fuel? 87 octane? 91? 93? I consistently run 93. I don't think it makes much of a difference, but a few 0.xx might be because of that. Meh...pay me now, pay me later. LOL
  12. PHXATC

    Real world mpg

    My mileage as calculated by the vehicle itself is usually between 23 and 25. Long highway trips (VA to FL) we averaged 23.7 and was consistently around 80mph, summertime, and a rather full load of crap, 2 people and 2 little white fluffy girl dogs. In town, which is a decent average mph of...
  13. PHXATC

    First wash with Chemical Bros Products

    There is a small difference in better products and an associated cost increase too. To me, it all depends on what results you're looking for, how OCD you are about your car detailing, and your budget. What mitt do you use, do you use a 1 bucket or 2 bucket method, what wax/ceramic protection...
  14. PHXATC

    First wash with Chemical Bros Products

    As long as you are happy with the results that is what matters. I use Koch-Chemie GSF, CarPro Reset, and Chemical Guys Honeydew shampoo all for different cars and I always manage to get the same result. :LOL: A clean vehicle! Looking good!
  15. PHXATC

    Thanks to all-sold my ST

    Enjoy your X5! We have had one before and they are amazing! We have had 7 BMWs and currently have one (and a 2022 Porsche 911) along with our Exploder ST and love each one for what they bring to our needs and wants. Life is short and your should enjoy each car's experience and try and enjoy...
  16. PHXATC

    Windshield washer tank leaking

    Mine quit leaking after about 4 weeks of leaking. Ironically it only started after a trip to the dealer for it's annual oil change (we only drive about 5,000 miles a year). It hasn't leaked since I posted on here. I didn't try the bag test, however, if this coming November when we take it for...
  17. PHXATC

    Poll: How many have experienced a "rear axle bolt fracture" (POLL CLOSED 6-4-22)

    Thanks for the pic, that helped. And she has the rare 2 bolts. Maybe I should go play the lottery now. :ROFLMAO:
  18. PHXATC

    E-Zpass Transponder mounting options?

    I'm not saying the license plate idea isn't good, because it is, however ironically here in FL I got pinged for $1.07 (the horror LOL) from someone else's license plates that weirdly were the same as mine. Our Explorer has specialty plates (save the Manatees which is blue as a background) and...