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  1. Frank T.

    2022 Wireless Charger too small for some phones

    My IPhone 12max fits snug with a thin case on it.
  2. Frank T.

    Blade antenna color

    The original on my 2020, was the same colour as the body. But it needed replacing as the GPS/Satellite Radio wasn’t working. The new one is black. But looks good since the roof rails are black.
  3. Frank T.

    should an American buy. Canadian imported ST?

    That’s a weird one. I know that you can toggle between the 2 systems. I have done it on my Explorer ST.
  4. Frank T.

    should an American buy. Canadian imported ST?

    most if not all cars today can operate in metric and imperial. the only difference I can think about is in Canada we have mandatory daylight running headlights. Not sure about the USA!
  5. Frank T.

    Problems with Radio, GPS, and Collision Assistance

    Be persistent, I went a few rounds before they ultimately fixed the problem! Good luck!
  6. Frank T.

    Problems with Radio, GPS, and Collision Assistance

    Another update. The Ford technician parked my ST next to 2 others on the lot. He checked satellite reception on all three. Mine showed reception from 2 satellites. The other 2 we’re picking up 13. They ordered and installed another new antenna. The new one is matte black which matches some of...
  7. Frank T.

    Protect Seat from Holstered Pistol?

    How about a simple seat pad?
  8. Frank T.

    Problems with Radio, GPS, and Collision Assistance

    Here we go again! GPS is frozen and non functioning. SiriusXM constantly cutting in and out. Performed 6 factory resets and dozens of soft resets nothing has worked. Going back to dealer to get this fixed, but after having the APIM, cables and Antenna replaced once. I don’t hold out a lot of...
  9. Frank T.

    Winter wheels and tires

    Here is my winter setup. Haven’t had the time to take pic of actual, but this configurator does a good job helping you visualize how they look, before buying.
  10. Frank T.

    Winter wheels and tires

    interesting? Usually it’s the other way around where product in the USA is cheaper?
  11. Frank T.

    ST vs Aviator

    New APIM installed. GPS/Sync system working much better. First ignition in the morning still getting the dreaded crossed out GPS symbol, but, the GPS is correctly tracking my location? Next ignition, it clears and everything works. Still seriously considering the Aviator.
  12. Frank T.

    Problems with Radio, GPS, and Collision Assistance

    My, GPS has been a problem for the better part of this year. I performed several soft resets and hard resets as well. Nothing worked. The dealer replaced the cable from the unit to the antenna and eventually the Antenna as well. They attempted doing some software upgrade (not available to us...
  13. Frank T.

    Car Wash

    I invested in a ceramic coating. And, where I live we have a few options for touchless washes. These are great then, I dry with a detailing spray.
  14. Frank T.

    ST vs Aviator

    Another update. APIM is on order. Im looking forward to driving with a fully functional Sync/Navigation Infotainment system!
  15. Frank T.

    ST vs Aviator

    Last ditch effort to fix Sync/GPS Navigation system. ST has been a dealers since last week. Everything they tried didn’t work. They called Ford. They were told to check/change cables from antenna to the unit. This was already changed, several months ago and did nothing. This time however if...
  16. Frank T.

    Sync 4

    Pretty clear that the Sync system is awful. Is there an aftermarket replacement that can replace it with better reliability? Preferably one that fits and looks same physically.
  17. Frank T.

    ST vs Aviator

    Ok, so the Sync / GPS and other technology issues are driving my OCD into overdrive and grating on my nerves. Does anyone have any experience with moving from an ST to the Aviator? Do the Lincoln vehicles suffer from the same technology issues? I am contemplating trading the ST in for one.
  18. Frank T.

    Driver seat clicking noise and loose leather

    The leather pulling up from under the plastic side panel is the beginning of the failure of the plastic panel. it is a common and known issue. It will be replaced by warranty.
  19. Frank T.

    Back-up Camera Issues

    They did same to mine. But the problem persists. I guess I’m waiting for parts.