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  1. Frank T.

    ST vs Aviator

    Ok, so the Sync / GPS and other technology issues are driving my OCD into overdrive and grating on my nerves. Does anyone have any experience with moving from an ST to the Aviator? Do the Lincoln vehicles suffer from the same technology issues? I am contemplating trading the ST in for one.
  2. Frank T.

    Sync Up Dates

    I don’t understand why Ford, doesn’t simply provide Sync upgrades on a thumb drive. I would be happy to pay for that. Maybe some enterprising computer proficient individual would be willing to offer up the up dates on thumb drives for a nominal fee?
  3. Frank T.

    Rear Wiper Blade?

    Anyone else having an issue with the blade compressing on its length and causing the rear wiper blade to bow? i have had this happen constantly. When I pull on the end it pops/releases and straightens out. I can’t tell how this is happening, but it is annoying.
  4. Frank T.


    February 7, 2020 anyone else having difficulty logging on to FORD Pass?
  5. Frank T.

    New Accessory for my IPhone

    I’m not typically an early adopter, but couldn’t help myself when I saw it in the show room. been driving it now for a month and I absolutely love it! Had the displeasure of driving it through a snow storm this week and it handled perfectly in the slip/snow drive setting.