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  1. STTerron

    Northwest ST owners.

    Are you up for driving to the Seattle area? I can make some ribs.
  2. STTerron

    Northwest ST owners.

  3. STTerron

    Northwest ST owners.

    425-823-1511 Brakes & Alignment Cars - Trucks - 4X4's - Hunter Computerized 4 Wheel Alignment - Shocks & Struts - Suspension - Tires & Balance - Foreign or Domestic - Free Inspection http://www.omnibrake.com/
  4. STTerron

    Northwest ST owners.

    https://www.nwpowerperformance.com/2020-ford-explorer-st-s Northwest Power & Performance Telephone 425-584-7358 Email nwpowerperformance@gmail.com Operating Hours Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm Location Maple Valley, Wa -Whipple Intercooler -Fenfab Downpipes -Nostrum Fuel pump -Thermal Exhaust -JLT...
  5. STTerron

    Northwest ST owners.

    Us PNW people should plan a GTG soon.
  6. STTerron

    Catch can

    I went JLT
  7. InkedST with spacers_LI.jpg

    InkedST with spacers_LI.jpg

  8. STTerron

    Northwest ST owners.

    Terron in Black Diamond, WA
  9. STTerron

    Northwest Club Cruise

    Sounds good it'll be a blast. I used to have a VW/Audi and we'd do drives all the time.