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    Dragy 10Hz, RaceBox 10Hz or RaceBox Mini 25Hz?

    I was thinking about getting a performance meter, I'm leaning towards the $299 RaceBox 10Hz because (unlike the Dragy) it's a stand alone unit: But RaceBox just released their $199 RaceBox Mini, which utilizes an industry first 25Hz update rate (but it's not a stand alone unit):
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    Enhancing all the badging?

    Don't know if this guy is on our forum. He did some really interesting things with the lettering, proudly highlights our vehicle's branding.(y)
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    POLL: OEM 20" or 21" Wheels

    Seems like my OEM 20" wheels are rarer than hen's teeth. Want to see the ratio of 20" vs. 21" wheels that owners have.
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    QUESTION: Who is using/has used a 3 bolt at the drag strip?

    There's got to be people drag racing with 3 bolts. The more people that respond in the affirmative, the more quickly we can begin to dispel the "3 bolt is to weak" claim. Thanks.
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    ST vs. The Competition

    Okay, I've been wanting to do this thread for a while but I knew rounding up all the data was going to be a little tedious, so I relented. Lazy no more! Agree, Disagree, Flame to your hearts content ... Ford Explorer ST (CD) Base Price $48,510 400 hp 3.0L V6 0-60 mph: 5.2 sec ¼-mile: 13.8 sec...
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    418 hp 3.0L Bronco Raptor is slowwwwwww ...

    Yeah, I know it's built for off road and it weighs 5,750 lbs. But it's still too slow. Edmunds Test
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    Rattle Diagnosed: Not what you think ...

    TSB 22-2135: Fuel line contacting body/fuel tank I thought it was the flex pipe issue. Nope. Parts were ordered, Recall 22S27 was completed while I was there, and the Service staff were friendly & helpful. Two Interesting notes: 1) Fuel tank will have to be removed 2) The TSB has a very...
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    C&D Test: 355 hp 2022 Acura MDX Type S

    I prefer the ST's styling over the MDX Type-S, both have nice interiors with the ST costing $14k - $17K less. Type-S is nice, but I'm not all that impressed given it's cost and level of performance. Tested: 2022 Acura MDX Type S Aims for Higher Echelons...
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    Some data panels from contemporary road tests ...

    1964 TEMPEST GTO 389 325 hp/428 lb ft 1965 427 Cobra 485 hp/480 lb ft 1968 428 COBRA JET 335hp/440 lb ft 1968 DART GTS 340 275 hp/340 lb ft 1969 428 CJ MACH 1 335 hp/440 lb ft
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    Poll: How many have experienced a "rear axle bolt fracture" (POLL CLOSED 6-4-22)

    This forum has 4,695 members. Let's say 80% actually own ST's (3,756). I want to see how many have had the bolt failure related to Safety Recall 22S27. Please, no flaming, arguing, personal opinions, or debates about Bigfoot, UFO's or the Loch Ness Monster.:cool: I just want cold hard facts...
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    Car & Driver tests $108k 450 hp/6,100 lb Lincoln Navigator. Results as expected ...

    Where on earth did they add an extra 1,225 lbs in weight? It's lateral acceleration/braking/mpg numbers are more reminiscent of a vehicle from the 70's. https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a39317584/2022-lincoln-navigator-drive/ By The Numbers: Navigator / ST 0-60 mph: Nav 5.3 sec / ST 5.2...
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    FYI: Maximum Speed In Gears ...

    Publications like C&D and R&T used to have detailed road test charts that showed maximum speed in gears. They rarely do them any more so I did it myself. First 6 gears for stock 20"/21" ST wheels (outside tire diameter is the same) at maximum engine RPM of 6,000 - 6,250 - 6,500:
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    MPG: ST vs. Stinger GT AWD

    I was getting ~20 mpg average with my Stinger, now getting ~19 mpg with the ST. Not bad at all considering the ST makes more hp while also carrying an additional 700 lbs in weight!
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    SHO vs Fusion Sport vs ST?

    These were the quarter mile times from my other Ford V6 twin turbo's (100% bone stock). I'll have to make a lap with the ST after I get some miles on her (less than 500 now) to see how it compares. 2014 SHO 2017 Fusion Sport
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    Thoughts on Sport Mode ...

    I've had my ST for a few days now and noticed that acceleration feels decidedly better in "Normal" mode than in "Sport." Sport Mode seems to be holding it back, in Normal Mode it lets loose and hauls. I'm still on dealer's fuel, so I'll put in 93 when I'm down to half a tank. Not sure that...
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    Why I did buy the Explorer ST, and other various musings ...

    It looks great, the sticker price was 53k, it came with enough options to keep my busy, it doesn't weigh 6,000 lbs like a luxury Ford SUV, which makes its 400 hp feel pretty quick. :-)
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    Have you driven a ...

    Ford Explorer ST ... Lately! (recent ST purchase inspired the making of this clip Lol) https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/696391099
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    22 Iconic Silver in the driveway!

    Took me about a month of searching to find one I liked that was being sold at sticker price. Mission Accomplished!