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  1. bigcat1185

    2023 Ford Explorer Order Guide

    Sync 3 still, looks like nothing has changed.
  2. bigcat1185

    Real world mpg

    Going by the dash, I don't care enough to hand calculate.
  3. bigcat1185

    Real world mpg

    18 around town, 26 on the highway.
  4. bigcat1185

    Anyone up for testing some catted downpipes?

    I'm in Oregon, was a tester for your F150 intake also.
  5. bigcat1185

    2022 Explorer ST 401a AWD

    Road trip up to Long Beach, WA. ST did well and got 25+mpg loaded with family of four
  6. bigcat1185

    2022 Explorer ST 401a AWD

    Much needed wash.
  7. bigcat1185

    First wash with Chemical Bros Products

    I’m almost out of products and am going to get CG a shot. I really need tire and wheel cleaner, tire shine, and a wax or ceramic spray for the paint.
  8. bigcat1185

    2022 Explorer ST 401a AWD

    I drove the speed limit :LOL: But we did have some decent elevation changes, sat in Dutch Bros drive through for 15 minutes, etc.
  9. bigcat1185

    CV Fab Intercooler in Prototype Stage

    Interested. I run your intercooler on my 150
  10. bigcat1185

    2022 Explorer ST 401a AWD

    Was able to get 27mpg on our road trip, pretty happy with it.
  11. bigcat1185

    2022 Explorer ST 401a AWD

  12. bigcat1185

    Oil Change Woes

    Took the ST to the same dealership I’ve been it using since 2016 with my F150. I’ve always gotten my oil changes there and have had no issues. With my 150 I do the synthetic blend and it’s around $49.99. Took the ST in for its first oil change. Opted for the full synthetic. After two hours it...
  13. bigcat1185

    Stubborn water spots are gone...

    Share the details on that water system!
  14. bigcat1185

    Stubborn water spots are gone...

    If they are etched into the clear coat, a paint correction is really the only answer.
  15. bigcat1185

    Summer 2022 ST Meet & Cruise

    It would be cool if someone from Washington organized the convoy down, and someone from Oregon organized the convoy up.
  16. bigcat1185

    Steering off Center!?! Multiple Wheel Alignments CAN'T Correct!

    This happened with my F150 once at Firestone and it ended up being that they forgot to reset the steering wheel sensor after the alignment (in their words.) I had to bring it in three times as well.
  17. bigcat1185

    Summer 2022 ST Meet & Cruise

    I think it makes sense to have it somewhere close to the boarders of Washington and Oregon. Astoria would be cool
  18. bigcat1185

    2022 Explorer ST 401a AWD

    Got the bumper plugs pushed in, and swapped the lug nuts out for the black Gorillas.