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  1. bigcat1185

    Oil Change Woes

    Took the ST to the same dealership I’ve been it using since 2016 with my F150. I’ve always gotten my oil changes there and have had no issues. With my 150 I do the synthetic blend and it’s around $49.99. Took the ST in for its first oil change. Opted for the full synthetic. After two hours it...
  2. bigcat1185

    Summer 2022 ST Meet & Cruise

    Wanted to get this up to realistically see what kind of interest we have for a meet this Summer. I feel like we would need at least 5 cars to make this happen, preferably 8+ After we establish the numbers, we can go over dates and locations.
  3. bigcat1185

    Vibration Rattle

    Hello, whenever I pull up to a stop sign or a light, and the engine RPM’s settle down to idle speed, there is a very noticeable rattle/vibration. It seems to be coming from the drivers door, but I’m not 100% sure. Before I dive in to deep, has anyone experienced this? It definitely sounds like...
  4. bigcat1185

    Hyperlink in signiture?

    Is there a way to make a hyper link in our signatures? I want to link to my build thread.
  5. bigcat1185

    All weather floor liners

    I attempted a search but could not find anything, so forgive me if this topic has been beaten to death. I want to put rubber floor liners in my 2022. Which brand has the most coverage? Ford, Weather Tech, Husky...any others?
  6. bigcat1185

    2022 Explorer ST 401a AWD

    Picked up our Agate Black ST on 03/22/22 after waiting exactly five months from the date we put in the order. ~Under The Hood ~3.0 Ecoboost ~10 Speed Transmission ~Intelligent 4WD ~2500 Miles ~Exterior ~PPF ~Bumper Plugs ~Interior ~Twin Panel Moonroof ~ Ceramic Window Tint *15% on all...
  7. bigcat1185

    Support with picking up 2022 Explorer

    With all the delays and shortages the auto manufacturer companies are dealing with, as well as new vehicles being shipped with out certain expected features, I was wondering if anyone with a 2020 or 2021 Explorer ST would be willing to come with me at pick of mine so I could compare the two and...
  8. bigcat1185

    Bora Spacers

    How many of you are driving aggressively and launching while running the spacers? Are they as strong as OEM equipment?
  9. bigcat1185

    Has Anyone Received a 2022 Model Yet?

    Just wondering if anyone has got their hands on the 2022 model yet. Curious to see if there are any differences over the 2021 models.
  10. bigcat1185

    Things you wish you had the dealership roll into loan

    I bought my F150 new in 2016, and within the first year I added things I wish I would have just had the dealership do and rolled the cost into my loan. Namely, spray-in bed liner, bed cover, and window tint. Are there things you did, or wish you did at the dealership that could have been rolled...
  11. bigcat1185

    2023 Refresh?

    Will the 2023 Explorers be refreshed? I put in an order for a 2022, but the more I think about it the more I worry the 2023 will be refreshed and I'll regret not waiting.
  12. bigcat1185

    FS WTB Explorer ST

    Hello all, currently shopping for a ST for my wife as our family has outgrown her Mercedes C250. I'm located in Oregon and availability is pretty slim. We are looking for Agate Black, Tech Package, Street Package, Moonroof, and Second Row Captain Chairs. Thanks.