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  1. Chrisicle

    Turbo Issues/No boost

    My Explorer has about 15,000 miles on it now and while driving today I went to get on the gas and suddenly there was no power. I had this once before but the vehicle went back to normal the next time I tried getting on the gas. However, this time no matter what there was no power, if I downshift...
  2. Chrisicle

    FS Roof rail delete moldings

    I was annoyed the dealer couldn’t get me an explorer in my specifications with roof rails so I eventually found a totaled explorer and bought the roof rails. So now I have had the old parts siting in storage for a while. I’m looking to get $200, I think I saw the components new are about $500...
  3. Chrisicle

    Mid/Flex Pipe Rattling

    I thought I recall seeing a thread about this on the forum. Were other ST owners getting a rattle from what sounds to me like the OEM mid/flex pipes after replacing their cat back and downpipes? The rattle didn't occur after the install but instead started happing in the last week or two when...
  4. Chrisicle

    Explorer ST/Timberline Part Swap

    I'm curious if I'm the only person that has the urge to do this. A part of me wants to front fascia swap my ST for the timberline front fascia along with other components (Suspension, wheels, Etc.) I think if ford offered the 3.0 with the technology package in the timberline there's no doubt in...
  5. Chrisicle

    Has any one installed a grille guard on there ST?

    My last explorer I installed a grill guard on it and I loved it. I'm considering it again however, I'm curious if anyone has installed the black horse grille guard on there explorer's yet? I can't find any photos but I do not wanna jump on something when I only have a half assed rendering to go...
  6. Chrisicle

    Downpipe install cost

    Since I don’t have a lift and no one can give a straight answer on how to approach this; I’m planning on taking my Explorer in to get the fenfab downpipes installed on the ST. I’m curious what others paid and how long the job took to get done?