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Recent content by TXCarbonized

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    Park brake automatically on

    Or you could just press the button to turn the parking brake off before you shift into gear.
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    Radio problems and dealer cant get parts? Great having an extended warranty that I cant use!!

    I wonder how many APIMs have been replaced by dealers when all that was needed was a software update.
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    Recall Rear Bolt Fracture?

    It'll be interesting to see which build dates end up covered by this new recall. They may have switched over to the new bushing and new bolt sometime last year around the time of the first recall about this issue.
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    I'm Impressed!

    Getting down to a low speed and/or low RPM for a couple minutes at the end of your drive is essentially the same thing as letting it idle. You don't necessarily have to be sitting still for the turbos to cool down.
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    Ford Pass Service Engine Soon Warning Message

    In my previous vehicle, the thermostat failed and was allowing coolant through the engine at all times, so it had a similar issue. I just had to install a new thermostat and the issue was resolved.
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    New SYNC Update 23188

    When I tried to upload the file, it said "There appears there is an issue with the uploaded log file. Our team will review shortly and update your account to reflect the current version of SYNC in your vehicle." I guess that's really the least of my concerns at this point. As long as I have the...
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    New SYNC Update 23188

    The updating banner stays at the top the whole time, and eventually (10ish minutes) it'll tell you to turn the truck off and on again, then the banner will come up for a couple more minutes. You'll know it's fully done when it tells you to remove the USB.
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    New SYNC Update 23188

    I just did it by USB and everything seems fine except the log file still won't upload to the ford site properly.
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    New SYNC Update 23188

    Well, I'm not sure if it was because of my chat with Ford earlier, but the Ford site now shows 23188 as my available update. Looks like the .zip file is right now when I download it.
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    New SYNC Update 23188

    I did a chat with Ford through the website, and he said he would "escalate" to another team to update my info to let me download 23188. We'll see how that goes.
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    New SYNC Update 23188

    I tried uploading the .xml file when I originally updated to 22251 and nothing ever changed. Other people in these threads have said that they tried to reinstall 22251 and it wouldn't do the install.
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    New SYNC Update 23188

    Ford website still thinks I'm on 21194 even though I updated to 22251 in January. Even when I tried uploading the file, it never showed the update. It still says that my Update Available is 22251. Do I just need to wait until it tells me that 23188 is available?
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    New Sync 3 Version 3.4.22251

    I've had 22251 since shortly after it was released (January-ish), and it just started giving me issues this month. Mostly just not saving preferences like day/night mode, check back seat for passengers, etc. Luckily I hardly notice it because I use Android Auto 95% of the time anyway.
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    Bent Rear Diff Bolt

    Well at least the bolts are bending instead of breaking now. I wonder if they adjusted the material or heat treatment of the bolts to make them less brittle.
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    Active Braking is DANGEROUS!

    Now I'm curious. Is active braking standard on all STs, or is it an option or part of a package?