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Recent content by STJIM

  1. STJIM

    Lethal Spring

    2020 vs 2022. Lol
  2. STJIM

    Lethal Spring

    I think you’re on to something as our 20 with H&R I believe was a bit lower than the 22.
  3. STJIM

    Lethal Spring

    I am considering Lethal’s also. After seeing Unbrokens !7” measurements i just went out in garage and measured my H&R’s. I got exactly 18” all around. What’s up with that? I get the rear on his with the added weight. Not the front. By the way my tank is full.
  4. STJIM

    Forscan Again!

    Ok i know i’m old but this Forscan crap is making me older. I threw my old elm 327 in the garbage and bought a new OBDLink ex. When i get to the able//disable on the ACM Engine sound enhancement it will not go past 70% then a new line pops up saying error! What the hell am i doing wrong...
  5. STJIM

    Ford Performance Tune

    Brian, What’s the deal with the 3 pushes or taps on the start button? Thanks! Jim
  6. STJIM

    What Have You Done To Your Explorer ST Today

    But they look good. Lol
  7. STJIM

    Ford Performance Tune

    Hasanyone wondered if Livernois had anything to do with this?
  8. STJIM

    New ST Available

    Hello everybody! I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a loaded 22 black ST loaded available at Charlotte County Ford in Port Charlotte Fl. S/W Fl. I ordered it last march 4th and got tired of waiting for it and found one in Tampa. It just came in yesterday! Jim
  9. STJIM

    Ford Performance Tune

    Pretty good money for 10 min. worth of work.
  10. STJIM

    What Have You Done To Your Explorer ST Today

    I’ve got to say there is a lot of us that have had to deal with crappy weather all over our beautiful country! But we all deal with it. God bless this great place we all live in! Jim
  11. STJIM

    What Have You Done To Your Explorer ST Today

    We’re hoping! Thanks for the optimism. Lol
  12. STJIM

    What Have You Done To Your Explorer ST Today

    We’re in SW Florida. Hoping for the best. Been through several. But you never know
  13. STJIM

    Body panels not in the correct condition before painting

    Sorry to say but my 22 is perfect!
  14. STJIM

    Interior question..

    Why couldn’t they have offered one or the other? Fugly!
  15. STJIM

    Back on the wagon!

    Congrats! I did the same thing. traded my 20 In on a 21 Audi and I’m back to a 22 ST