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    Single Bolt Subframe on New Vehicles

    I do not know. Several people have mentioned clunking seems to be Dave I can't say. If you do have issues I would demand they review part numbers and engineering drawings. I have read on here that clunking when shifting into gear is a sign your diff bolt is bent. Outside of that you've got to...
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    Single Bolt Subframe on New Vehicles

    I think the important thing to note is that the part was labeled with the correct part and engineering numbers. This would indicate that the issue isn't because of Ford engineering making a change. The tech indicated the drawing still shows 2 bolt locations for the ST per the drawing number...
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    Single Bolt Subframe on New Vehicles

    This is a PSA to all who are ordering, have ordered, or will soon buy an ST new. When you go to pick up your vehicle please look at your subframe and identify it to the dealer. You have 7 days from delivery to the dealer to have them submit a misbuilt vehicle report. Ask that the dealer to get...