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  1. Houdini0333

    SLD Thermal R&D 3" Polished Exhaust Tips - New Style

    Can these only fit if you have aftermarket mufflers?
  2. Houdini0333


    Here a few photos and I have a few videos I’m going to put on YT. I ran 4 races and won 3, definitely lost to that yellow RX7. List of vehicles I beat in AutoX battle; mini cooper S, Honda civic SI, Miata then lost to the RX7. Vehicles I beat on Spectator Drags; Turbo 350z (probably a bad...
  3. Houdini0333


    So I know this is an older thread, but I am lucky enough to live near multiple racetracks. I have yet to take the ST on Road Atlanta, but across the street Caffeine and Octane owns an oval track that they do a ton of events with. I go to that track pretty often and have done spectator drags and...