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Recent content by Dale5403

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    2021 Ford Explore

    Here a thread about it. https://www.explorerst.org/threads/problems-with-radio-gps-and-collision-assistance.2967/#post-36791
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    2021 Ford Explore

    Check the build number. The latest is 21194. The older ones did cause issues.
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    360/backup Camera picture quality

    Picture quality is fine on my 2020 with the tech package. Just wish it was bigger.
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    2021 Ford Explore

    Welcome to the forum. Check what version your SYNC is on. The latest is 21194 that fixed a lot of the Sirius XM issues.
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    Problems with Radio, GPS, and Collision Assistance

    Guess I didn't mention the hard reset because I have a number of changes I lose doing that. Lucky for me the soft reset has worked pretty well.
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    Problems with Radio, GPS, and Collision Assistance

    One thing you could try for the GPS is to do a soft reset. Press and hold the power on and fast forward buttons at the same time until it powers down. Takes a little while and it will power back up. I have heard of that working. Or the other fix I've heard of required a new antenna.
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    Problems with Radio, GPS, and Collision Assistance

    Good luck with it. This version fixed the issues I was having, Been none at all since. Not sure if it will help the GPS or not.
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    Problems with Radio, GPS, and Collision Assistance

    21194 was released in late August.
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    Problems with Radio, GPS, and Collision Assistance

    I'm sure he meant the software version. The latest is 21194. The 2 previous versions did cause issues the radio.
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    BEWARE: Driveshaft kaboom from emergency auto-brake

    I seen on Facebook where a customer is working with his dealer trying to get the subframe on his switched to the 2 bolt. States his dealer agrees that it should be changed but they are waiting on an answer from Ford.
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    Exhaust Noise Issues

    It should still flex but it doesn't sound like the fix has worked to well.
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    Deflated Spare

    Good to hear a positive post about customer service. There are a lot of good companies out there but we tend to hear more posts about the not so good. Thanks for sharing your experience,
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    aFe Exhaust

    I could hear it fine. No fiber here either.
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    Pre-buy Used 2020ST Check list?

    Warranty you should be covered bumper to bumper for (From the date first sold) 3years/36,000 miles. Powertrain 5 years/60,000 miles. Did you reset the trip meter when you filled up? If not that affects your distance to empty. For mine when I fill up it will show about 375 miles to empty. If I do...
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    Pre-buy Used 2020ST Check list?

    First the bolt issue seems like it doesn't apply to the 2020 model year. The only ones reported so far are the 2021 models. The pictures are looking at the rear differential from the back of the vehicle. There are bolts in the front side of it also but I have not heard of any having only 1 bolt...