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Recent content by Chrisicle

  1. Chrisicle

    Charge Pipes

    I doubt there is any significant difference. I believe it was first design for Kevin who is obviously trying to squeeze ever pony out of the block possible. I plan to buy it but out of all the upgrades you can do I would think it has one of the smallest impacts on performance. I think it’s...
  2. Chrisicle

    Premium Gas and Full Synthetic Oil..

    I rock full synthetic every 5,000 miles, but the fuel depends on what’s going on. If I’m doing a lot of high way driving and going across state for a trip or to see family I run 87 but if I’m just driving around the city and staying local I usually run 91. With gas prices lately I haven’t been...
  3. Chrisicle

    Has any one installed a grille guard on there ST?

    I did find a post a long time ago that used the police style push guard. They interfered with the proximity sensors so they bought a bracket that mounts to the push bar to relocate the sensor. I still have yet to see someone with a black horse grille guard. I won’t pull the trigger till I see a...
  4. Chrisicle

    Looking for Explorer ST - Tips?

    I would check a different dealer before purchasing. Ford is cracking down on dealers marking up vehicles more than suggested retail price. Ford said that dealers that don't follow their suggest retail price will loose priority for vehicle delivery. It hurts fords sales, and as a ford employee it...
  5. Chrisicle

    should an American buy. Canadian imported ST?

    Oh, well I guess the more you know. Thanks for the info
  6. Chrisicle

    should an American buy. Canadian imported ST?

    I've owned a Explorer in the past from Canada and here were no issues. ACTUALLY, you might be better off buying a car from Canada than lets say Michigan. Michigan loves to use salt in winter whereas I've heard Canada uses sand. So if we are assuming this is a used Explorer (even though fairly...
  7. Chrisicle

    First Snow Experience

    I agree as far a 4WD goes its not the best car I've drivin in a michigan winter. My 13 Explorer did better but I assume that's because it was an XLT with less power and prioritized the front wheels giving almost no oversteer. I've considered buying a new set of wheels with winter tires but the...
  8. Chrisicle

    Downpipes Upgrade, Worth it?

    ideally I never wanna go back down there again, the goal would be to never need to replace the turbos so regardless of cost I don’t want the inconvenience. Parts on back order plus a month or longer to get into a shop. Your right that cats aren’t as restrictive, but any extra pressure you...
  9. Chrisicle

    Downpipes Upgrade, Worth it?

    My concern wouldn't be about power gains from high-flow downpipes as much as my concern would lie with the turbos longevity. Personally I believe (and have been told) that any thing you can do to reduce back pressure on the turbos will help with its life span. Since I bought the car to own for...
  10. Chrisicle

    Whistling Noise

    My 21 ST had a whistle on the front passenger side door. I put blue tape over the door seal to see if it would stop the whistling. It did stop the whistle so I bought a cheap 10$ rubber weather strip and added it to the top side of my door jam to help seal the door until I could get it into the...
  11. Chrisicle

    Retrofit Ambient Cupholder Lighting

    It may be an odd suggestion but you could always look at copart and find a totaled ST and yank everything out of that. My only concern would be that a harness and replacement for the cupholder might not be all the parts you need. It could get expensive trying to go back and forth with the dealer...
  12. Chrisicle

    2021 in “park” rolls downhill..

    At any angle you should use your parking brake when you park your vehicle. Its not only easier on your transmission but its safer. I always use my park break so I could not tell you if this is a normal issue or not.15 degrees seems rather steep to rely on your transmission in park. I mean this...
  13. Chrisicle

    Front Driver Half-shaft boot failure

    Sorry to hear that your explorer started off with some issues. Hopefully this is not the case in the future. My 2021 just hit 17,000 miles this week and so far I have only had a few issues. I've had a couple speaker rattling (this was something I noticed the day after leaving the dealer but has...
  14. Chrisicle

    Anyone else have mismatched trim fitted to the doors?

    Could be oxidation, similar to how light switch covers turn yellow over time.