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Recent content by Bluey!

  1. Bluey!

    Bluey! - the Mild 2020 ST Build

    Installed Steeda toe arms, vertical link stiffiners, sway bar links and new shocks with new OEM hardware from Tasca. Next are the subframe stiffiners and pinion bushings. Creaks and groans are mostly gone.
  2. Bluey!

    A New Sync Issue

    I was able to use a 8 GB for the most recent update (23188).
  3. Bluey!

    Prompt Volume

    Based on my experience, if your phone is bluetoothed to the stereo, any audio from the phone is considered prompt audio. For example, if you're listening to the radio, then watch a video on your phone when its connected, the audio from the phone basically overlays the audio from the radio -...
  4. Bluey!

    A New Sync Issue

    Finally done. Anyone know what I can expect/noticeable changes in the interface?
  5. Bluey!

    A New Sync Issue

    Doing mine right now (23188) and going on an hour and a half...starting to get concerned. Previous update was 21020 by previous owner. I guess its a lot of new information?
  6. Bluey!

    Bluey! - the Mild 2020 ST Build

    Added 1.25" steeda spacers. I love the stance.
  7. Bluey!

    COBB Accessport - Goosetuned Tuning thread

    I jumped from a Gen 2 Raptor to a 2020 ST in January. I'm so excited to see you digging into this platform as well. I'll be hitting you up soon. Keep it up!
  8. Bluey!

    Bluey! - the Mild 2020 ST Build

    Not so secretly...:ROFLMAO:
  9. Bluey!

    Bluey! - the Mild 2020 ST Build

    Beaut! I like the tow hook carryover. I loved the idea of having a Raptor but not as fun as an ST in MD.
  10. Bluey!

    Bluey! - the Mild 2020 ST Build

    Right!? I figure that was an easy part to sell so they pulled it. The first thing I did was get a Steeda replacement.
  11. Bluey!

    Bluey! - the Mild 2020 ST Build

    Traded in my 2018 Raptor for a ~45k mile 2020 ST 400a in Atlas Blue with Premium Tech and Street Package. So glad I got an early production ST as it has all the bells and whistles, four bolt diff brace and tow point. Based on what I've read here, Ford has progressively reduced features and...
  12. Bluey!

    Bad CV joints

    Found this condition on Saturday - driver side. Going in for warranty replacement this Saturday.
  13. Bluey!

    Meet up & Install Help

    I'm interested in trading some labor. Anyone got a lift?
  14. Bluey!

    DC area meetup?

    I'm in! When and where?
  15. Bluey!

    What Have You Done To Your Explorer ST Today

    Any response from Kinectic?